Voter Information

Find answers to frequently asked Voter Information questions like, "How do I register to vote?", "Why should I vote?" and "How do I figure out who to vote for?" We regularly update this information to keep it current, so make sure to check back often.

Who can vote in Wisconsin?

You can vote in the state of Wisconsin if you are:

  • A U.S. Citizen
  • 18 years or older
  • Have resided at your current address for at least 28 consecutive days
  • Not currently serving parole

To register to vote in a state other than Wisconsin, visit

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How do I Register to Vote?

You can register to vote online at


You will need a current Wisconsin driver's license or state-issued ID to register online. The address on your ID must be up to date. If not, the site will guide you to the DMV's online portal where you can change your address before returning to to complete your registration.


Once registered, also allows you to:

What if I don’t have a Wisconsin license or ID?

You can fill out a paper registration form here. Mail the completed form with proof of residence, such as a utility bill copy, or take it in person to the clerk’s office. Find information about your municipal clerk at

What kind of ID do I need at the polling place?

You will need a current Wisconsin driver's license, state ID, or passport (the address does not have to be current). For other acceptable forms of ID, or to see how you can get a free state ID, visit

How do I figure out who to vote for?

You can find non-partisan information at VOTE411. This site provides side-by-side comparisons of candidates' responses to essential questions, aiding you in evaluating their stance. Additionally, you can explore Wisconsin Eye and Ballotpedia, or attend local League of Women Voters events for more information.

Why should I vote?

Voting is the bedrock of our democracy. It gives you the power to express your opinion and vote for the issues that matter to you. It keeps elected officials accountable during their term in office. When everyone participates, our democracy truly reflects the people's will.

Additional questions?

For additional information, check out the following resources:

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