It’s About Damn Time…for the Wisconsin Equal Rights Amendment!


The Women’s Action Coalition (WAC) and partner organizations were hosts of a press conference held a press conference on Monday, February 5 to announce the bill introduction for the Wisconsin state Equal Rights Amendment to our state constitution. Representative Lori Palmeri from Oshkosh’s 54th Assembly district is the lead bill author; she introduced the proposed amendment which is much broader than the original ERA, ensuring equal rights for all under the law because “after more than 50 years, it’s embarrassing that ANY Wisconsinite has fewer rights than another.” Appleton’s Representative Lee Snodgrass, co-author, added her support.

Megan Eisenstein, from Lawrence University

One of Appleton’s first feminists, Mary Ann Rossi, shared the history of the WI ERA and the local feminist movement with a crowd of over 50 people, followed by statements from WAC partner organizations. In particular, Linda Bjella spoke on the history of the League of Women Voters, and Alice Paul’s role in women’s suffrage and the ERA.

We also heard from the generation that will inherit our past and current decisions: Megan Eisenstein, a government major from Lawrence University spoke on the rights she lost with the Dobbs decision because she came to college in Wisconsin vs staying in Illinois, and how she dreams of the day when equal rights will be restored to millions of people in the state.

From L-R: Irene Strohbeen, Mary Ann Rossi, Rep. Lori Palmeri, Rep. Lee Snodgrass, Megan Eisenstein, Julie Keller, Linda Bjella, Becky O’Connor, and Sandi Rohde.

Thank you to the press organizations that covered the event as press coverage was fabulous and picked up across the state in Madison, Eau ClaireGreen Bay WBAY, Green Bay Fox 11, and Green Bay WNCY radio.